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  • Nova Scotia Restrictions and Guidance — read here
  • Transport Canada safety guidelines on access to shore leave — read here
  • Transport Canada security guidelines on shore leave and access to vessels — read here

About The Mission

Throughout a long and distinguished history, The Mission to Seafarers has grown to become one of the largest port-based welfare operators in the world, providing service in 200 ports, 365 days a year, across 50 countries.

In addition to charitable giving, the Mission ministry works to meet the spiritual needs of seafarers.  As a church-based maritime welfare organization, the Mission activities are driven by faith and social responsibility.

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Get Involved

Without the help of our amazing volunteers, we would be unable to remain open serving seafarers Monday through Saturday, when ships are in the Port of Halifax.  Our volunteers selflessly contribute their resources (time, effort, and even money) to the mission so service to the seafarers is realized, and the seafarers receiving them can work with dignity and zeal.

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Lend Your Support

Attend one of our events and help support the operations of the Mission.  With public health and safety regulations permitting, we have now resumed our monthly and annual events.

Please continue to generously support our activities, campaigns, and celebrations. Your generous financial donations to our various events go a long way in our efforts to provide our presence and services in response to the sacrifices of seafarers whose labour keeps the domestic and international economy going especially during national and global crises.

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Over 90% of world trade is carried by the sea, providing work to 1.5 million seafarers. Seafaring is one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. The rate of suicide for international seafarers is triple that of shore workers, and they are 26 times more likely to be killed at work, with the threat of piracy still being very real. Seafarers in distress at sea have no one to turn to as no one can see or hear their cries for help. It is only when they finally reach land that they are able to gain assistance and connect with loved ones.

“Seafarers at the core of shipping future” – IMO on World Maritime Day, 30 September 2021



Golf Tournament
2024 MtS Golf Tournament

September 12, 2024 – Thursday
Avon Valley Golf & Country Club
Falmouth, NS

Mission Flyer
Welcome to
Mission to Seafarers Halifax!
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STCW Recognition
Canada Recognition of
Foreign Seafarers’
STCW Certificates
Deacon Art
Deacon Art Mitchell
Recipient, 2023 Peter G. Bernard Volunteer Award
Congrats – Helen
Mission Manager
Recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (2022)

The Commemorative medal is in honour of the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s, Queen Elizabeth II, accession to the throne as Queen of Canada.
This official honour is a lasting recognition of Helen’s exceptional dedication and outstanding service to the Province of Nova Scotia in the field of Social Sciences.

Volunteer Medal Recipients
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipients (2022)

Aurora Ulloa-Parsons
Sandra Attersley
Susan Picton
Norman Picton
Captain Colm Stockdale

Our Volunteers who have given their meaningful contributions and decicated service to their peers, their community, and to Nova Scotia.

Seafarers COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative

Our Mission continues to facilitate the COVID-19 booster dose in Halifax and Nova Scotia of all seafarers especially onboard international vessels. Please contact us for further information about the initiative, to set a vaccination appointment, and arrange for transport.

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Recent Statistics

Recent statistical data now available. Data includes year-to-year comparison of frequency of Mission visitors, transport provided, and ship visits conducted.

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Hours of Operation

We are open Mondays to Saturdays including holidays when ships are in Port of Halifax. Our hours of operation (opening to closing) are flexible depending on whether there are ships in port and seafarers need our services and access to our facilities at the Centre.

Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10:00 – Closing
Tuesday: 10:00 – Closing
Wednesday: 10:00 – Closing
Thursday: 10:00 – Closing
Friday: 10:00 – Closing
Saturday: 10:00 – Closing


Mission to Seafarers Halifax
P.O. Box 27114
Halifax, NS B3H 4M8

Civic Address–
Mission to Seafarers Halifax
844 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS B3H 2P7

Telephone: 1-902-422-7790
Fax: 1-902-420-9786