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Seafarers COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative

This initiative started in July 2021 in support of all seafarers whose essential work keeps economies operating amid the global pandemic. In coordination with the ship Master and/or Agents, we continue to facilitate the first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccination in Halifax of seafarers, especially those onboard international vessels.

Procedurally, ship Masters and/or Agents contact us regarding the need to get crew members vaccinated and the schedule of the ship’s arrival. We then set a schedule with pharmacies or identify walk-in clinics (considering the number of crew and availability of doses). On the ship’s arrival, we deliver to the vessel the rapid test kits, which results are available in about 15 minutes. When results are negative, we transport or facilitate the transport (depending on the availability of the Mission van) of seafarers to the vaccination site and back to the ship.

Please refer to the detailed Protocol for COVID-19 vaccination of international seafarers while in Nova Scotia dated 30 July 2021 (read here).

Crew members getting their vaccination are required to submit the completed Consent Form (download here) and show an official Identification (such as a passport) and proof of vaccination (full vaccination of two-dose or one-dose vaccine if taking the booster dose or first vaccination if taking the second dose of a two-dose vaccine).

We are proud to partner with the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Health Authority on this initiative!