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Annual Volunteer Appreciation

2024 Volunteer Appreciation

This year’s appreciation of the Volunteers’ contribution to the successful delivery of services to seafarers was held at the Mission to Seafarers – Halifax Centre. MtS Secretary General Reverend Canon Andrew Wright and Regional Director Reverend Judith Altree attended the affair. They spoke of the international recognition and respect for the Volunteers at the Halifax Mission whose passion and dedication have also gained the delight and appreciation of many seafarers.

Also attending were NAMMA Executive Director Dr. Jason Zuidema and Archbishop David Edwards, and Reverend Eric Phinney from New Brunswick. In a pleasant surprise, Halifax MP Andy Fillmore dropped by straight from the airport.

2023 Volunteer Appreciation

On 20 April 2023, Their Honours hosted a reception for the Volunteers and Board Members of the Mission to Seafarers Halifax at the Government House. As the Honorary Patron of the Mission to Seafarers Halifax, The Honourable Arthur LeBlanc thanked and recognized the role of the volunteers and members of the board in promoting the welfare of seafarers.

Also attending the event is the Mission to Seafarers Regional Director, Reverend Judith Altree, who is officially visiting the Mission to Seafarers Halifax. Reverend Altree spoke about the essential function of the volunteers in the Mission to promote the well-being of seafarers.